Thursday, January 8, 2015

Upcoming Programs

It may be hard to think about getting out these cold winter days, personally, I have been hibernating with some new books I got for Christmas.  But if you are a hardy soul wishing for botany, here are some recommendations:

Three-bird Orchid

If you like orchids, you will love this program offered by Andrew Lane Gibson.  He is one of Flora-Quest's youngest guides, and an excellent photographer I might add.

You'll want to check our Flora-Quest Facebook page for announcements of up coming events:

Showy Lady Slipper, Cypripedium reginae

Better yet, book mark the webpage of our friends at Cincinnati Wildflower and Preservation Society.

They have excellent programs all year long and free field trips.  This is one more reason I wish I lived nearer to Cincinnati!

Another excellent oportunity:

Jim Bissell is Ohio's greatest "un-developer," and my hero. This is certain to be an excellent program and if snow is less than a foot deep in my drive, I plan to be there!  It is always interesting to learn more about Lake Erie wetlands, and Jim is the Sensei of the Swamps.

Hang in there.  Spring has got to be coming and I promise future blogs will be more uplifting. Some of them will be focusing on this year's Flora-Quest! We are formulating some awesome plans.

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