Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Trees of Life

Trees have much to tell us, both of life and death.   Deadwood is not dead at all. It has a negative connotation of someone not "pulling their weight" or as a western town gone terribly wrong. However, nature teaches us that many life forms are nourished by the wood we have humans deemed "dead."

Trees can speak to of us life and hope.  These are the days, I find solace in the trees. The soft whispering of pines say, "Be still... and know."

It is no small wonder cemeteries are filled with trees.  Majestic trees make one look up toward God.  Evergreens speak to us of life- even in a season of rest.  We know that the world will go on, with or without us. Trees have been here all along, as witness to all of man's glory... and folly.  We are not in charge.

I find no shame in being a "tree hugger." Trees are something solid that one can hang on to.  It is times like these I go to the trees, to listen, to breath, and to heal.

Trees can't run away from their troubles.  They are grounded, in the truest sense of the word.  And when the rest of life makes very little sense, I look to trees. There is something bigger.

Yes, I place great value on trees.  They can easily out live humans, if we only let them.  They improve and enhance our lives in so many ways. They provide lumber, heat, paper, and cleanse our air.  They take a human's exhaled sigh, and in turn, create the very oxygen we need to survive.   But most of all, they provide incredible beauty which speaks directly to our soul.  We are part of this great forest, if we only open our eyes to see.

We need to hug one another- and if we are too timid for that- at least we can practice on trees.


  1. What you have written is beautiful and resonates...thanks.

  2. Beautifully written and thought-provoking.

  3. Thanks, Picker, for the comfort in your pain.