Sunday, February 19, 2012

Dabbling in Duck Stamps

Once considered the proprietary domain of hunters, duck stamps have come out the of conservation closet and into the mainstream. And let's face it- the main stream is a great place for a duck.

 This year's winner for the Duck Stamp Art was a brilliantly hued Wood Duck by Joseph Hautman of Plymouth, MN.  This stamp will be available in July of 2012 and is an excellent purchase of art for conservation.  Ducks bring in bucks.  It is as simple as that, and without the conservationists - like Ducks Unlimited-  we would be much the sadder for wetlands. 

 Many important wetlands have been purchased largely by the monies collected for Duck Stamps. While visiting Maryland and Delaware recently, we stopped by a National Wildlife Refuge named Blackwater.

We were able to drive right in, because my savvy driver Paul Baicich had purchased Duck Stamps.  Paul is well known in conservation circles and his articles are found in Bird Watcher's Digest and a plethora of other print media. 

I hope you will join Paul and many others (including me) as we support the excellent refuges system across America.  It not just for ducks either; plants, butterflies and songbird love these places as well!

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