Friday, June 4, 2010

West Woods' Sedge Workshop

This post is strictly for the most avid botany types: the sedge heads. Anyone else is excused now, unless you want to learn a bit more about one of the most fascinating genus in botany- hands down- Carex. Carex is King, and as we say, that sedge is going to bring you to your knees!

There are only a handful of guys in Ohio qualified to lead a sedge workshop- and this is one of them- Dr. Jim Bissell from the Cleveland Museum of Natural History. He knows his stuff, and we were thrilled to be learning from a master, the sedge master.

Buxbaum's Sedge, Carex buxbaumii (don't start sweating Sedge-heads, this in NOT from Geuaga Co. It is an old photo from my file.)
Whats not to like about a sedge? They have great geometry and color, come in all shapes and sizes and are as confusing as heck! Oh, yeah, did I mention they are confusing? We like a good challenge.

And if you have any interest in really learning sedges, you'll need to have a good magnifying lens.

Some folks brought a good book to the class to help them key out sedges. I brought a good botanist: Steve McKee. I was lucky my friend was happy to attend this day of wonderful sedginess.

Interested in learning more? Here is a great guide- until we get one for our own state. Come on Mr. Gardner... we are counting on you!
And of all the places to see this license plate- a sedge workshop.. no real surprise there!


  1. Wow - I discovered your blog recently on a list of Ohio nature blogs, then realized you're from the same county I grew up in, and now it turns out you know Steve McKee! Tell him Rebecca Deatsman says hi. :)

    All I know about sedges is that they have edges... I had enough trouble learning to identify grass species for a job I had last summer. It was fascinating and tedious at the same time.

  2. Hi Rebecca, This is a good place to hang out. Cheryl's blog is so informative.

    I remember you from Girl Scouts when my daughter Sylvia was in it way back when. It's great to see that the naturalist bug bit you!