Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Kingwood Tours

Fall has arrived at Kingwood Center in Mansfield, Ohio, but there is still a spectacular display of flora. Although summer has come and gone, there is much to see on the former estate of Charles Kelly King, and the green house is a cozy spot on any day.

The most photographed location in Mansfield, the formal allee leading to the fountains. This is standard fare for every prom and wedding picture in Richland county.

Here is our welcoming committee. The peacocks greet visitors and are the delight of young and old alike! Kingwood has long been noted for the beautiful birds that grace the grounds.

Kingwood's horticultural staff masterfully mixes native Ohio plants with unusual annuals. A great place to garner landscape ideas, featuring native grasses and Joe-Pye-weed. The cool fall nights have really added intensity to the colors of the flowering plants, and the pink impatiens look absolutely radio-active!

I had the good fortune of leading a group of Inniswood volunteers through our grounds. After we admired the many formal gardens and did some green-house plant shopping, we had a grand time at the duck pond.

Kingwood's new Indian Runner Ducks are real show stealers! This guy was making us all "quack" up! Featured in the movie "Babe," these comical ducks look like bowling pins on legs.

And here is my now nearly-famous "Shovler" mobile with a new retro-look. It is right at home at the mansion with those wide white-walls!

If you enjoyed the highlights of my afternoon adventure, you'll want to make plans to visit
Kingwood or take a tour with your garden club or group, too.